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Wayne Review

Personal Rating: 10/10

Genre: Action/Comedy

Streaming Service: YouTube, Amazon Prime

Release Date: Jan. 16, 2019

Description: Created by Shawn Simmons, the story revolves around a 16 year-old high schooler who sees to it that the neighborhood bullies are given a taste of their own medicine, by extreme violent methods. After the death of his father, he sets on the road to Florida with his new friend to get his Dad’s stolen ‘79 Trans Am.

This show provides comic relief with some gory scenes, and has a romance brewing throughout the season that may leave you wanting someone who will beat up anyone that hurts you and will take you to a dance in a pink suit even if it is the last thing they want to do. Wayne walks down the hallway of his school and people avoid eye contact and move themselves out of the way. When you imagine this character you could probably conjure up a tall and strong dude who could beat these kids to death, well instead he looks more like a punk rock dude in a band but could still probably beat those kids to death. This is part of Wayne’s charm, he doesn’t have some super strength or trained in some martial arts, but he knows how to take a hit. This show has sentimental moments such as the loss of a great father, escaping a toxic household, a caring principal who has a thing for dogs, two cops one of which you can’t tell if he is really good at his job or bad at it, a road trip, and two teenagers falling in love. This was so entertaining to watch, it brought many tears of laughter, there were so many puns and jokes, had many aww moments, and the actors and actresses played their parts really well that the craziest of things written into the show actually worked.

Wayne and Del set on this adventure with their Principal and Wayne’s best friend, Del’s Father and brothers, and two Broxton police officers all in tow chasing after them. Do you think Wayne deserves a chance to be happy? Winter break is here so take a chance on this one season show.

Reviewer Name: Jacqueline Larson

Date of Review: Dec. 13, 2021

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