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Three New Names in Emo Music

(Band members Meet Me @ The Altar, from left to right: Téa Campbell, Edith Victoria, and Ada Juarez pose for a photo, via Spotify, 2023).

Meet Me @ The Altar is a pop-punk band, who released their first album, Past//Present//Future, this past March. Past//Present//Future pays tribute to the early 2000s emo sound, and draws inspiration from Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, Demi Lovato, and Avril Lavigne. The band is composed of guitarist-bassist Téa Campbell, drummer Ada Juarez and lead vocalist Edith Victoria.

These rising rockstars explore themes of self-esteem, internet culture, and teenage anguish. Their EP Model Citizen, and single “Garden,” kickstarted the band’s stardom.

Meet Me @ The Altar began creating music together in 2015, working together remotely as all three band members lived in different states. They began touring in 2018, and signed to Fueled By Ramen in 2020.

Check out their music at: Meet Me @ The Altar, on Spotify.

Fleshwater is a band with heavy 90s grunge influences. The band consists of Anthony DiDio, Jeremy Martin, and Matt Wood, and Marisa Shirar. Marisa Shirar sings as the band’s lead vocalist. Their latest album, We’re Not Here to Be Loved, is the band’s first official album together. “Linda Claire,” “This, if Anything,” and “What was Really Said,” are songs off of an unnamed demo, launched prior to the release of We’re Not Here to Be Loved. Out of the three songs, “Linda Claire” is the only song to make the cut of their first album.

The band distinguishes itself from the nostalgic sound of the 90s through visual aesthetic. The band uses rubber ducks as their unifying icon. Fleshwater peppers in primary colors and oversaturated images to solidify their image. The band is currently signed with Closed Casket Activities.

Check out their music at: Fleshwater, on Spotify.

Pop-punk band, Yours Truly, is an Australian band who broke into the music scene with their EP Afterglow, in 2019. Since then, Yours Truly has received international recognition as nominees for Rolling Stone’s Best New Artist and UK Heavy Awards, Best International Breakthrough Band.

The band began publishing their music in 2017, with the release of EP Too Late for Apologies. Since then, Yours Truly has released two EPs: Careless Kind and Afterglow, three albums: Self Care, Is this what I look Like? and Is this what i lofi? The band has also released numerous singles throughout. Yours Truly is signed with UNFD, an Australian label.

Check out their music at: Yours Truly, on Spotify.

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