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Three artists raise the roof at Club Congress

Bright white lights illuminate the stage. Red curtains adorn the background of the black box venue. Onstage, instruments anticipate the first artist. Yipee!, DISCO Girl, and Bennie dazzled the Club Congress audience, October 11th.

Yipee!, the first artist, embellished their set with an array of physical movements, mimicking workout routines. The artist expressed emotions such as existential dread through physical dance. Yipee! ran across the stage, performed jumping jacks, and laid down. Their sound was a mixture of techno, indie-rock, and power pop!

According to the artist, performing at Club Congress was fun, despite their nerves! They like to perform on the ground most of the time. They carried their performance with high energy, although their band was out sick during the night of the performance—their show went on!

Yipee! Has performed at Club Congress, Groundworks, and many other venues, including a Cheba Hut in Las Vegas!

DISCO Girl, the second band, rocked the stage and encouraged a mosh pit to form. Audience members bobbed their heads and grooved to the rock rhythms of the band’s music.

Hailing from Yuma, the band visited Tucson for the night.

DISCO GIRL, describes their band as: “an energetic quartet molded by the unrelenting climate of the southwest, channels its environment into a lively sound that'll make booties pop and sizzle. Their sound has been referred to as power pop, post-punk, hell, even shoegaze, but there is one thing for certain, they are not disco.”

For the final performance, Bennie and her band performed blues, alongside keyboard, violin, cello, and acoustic guitar. Bennie played original and fan-favorite song, Sailing Blues. According to the artist, the song is a stream-of-consciousness reflection of an old relationship. Bennie allows herself to explore insecurities through a hindsight-perspective of emotional growth.

Bennett Tolar is a slide guitarist from Mesa, Arizona. Bennie studied at the University of Arizona and graduated this past May, with a major in Mathematics: Comprehensive-Emphasis, and a minor in Studio Art. She built a guitar during senior year for her minor.

To keep up with the artists, follow: Yipee! DISCO Girl, and Bennie

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