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The Witcher Review

Personal Rating: 10/10

Genre: Action/Fantasy

Streaming Service: Netflix

Release Date: Dec. 20, 2019

Do you enjoy sword versus monsters, bloody scenes, and magic? This show came into production because of the very popular video game and if you’ve played the game you know there are definitely many adult scenes.

Henry Cavill rocks long white hair and even though he doesn’t have many changes in his facial expression, I find it as part of his charm. He is stoic, but has a heart of gold, makes dumb decisions, but takes in punishments like it is the only thing he deserves. There are dragons and music, quests to be solved, Kings and Queens, and battles to win. Ciri is Geralt of Rivia’s Law of Surprise (meaning she is owed to him and there is a connection) and she is in search of him after her kingdom is attacked and her grandmother is killed. Yennefer is a sorceress that becomes Geralt’s love interest but she is very powerful and is on her own journey of wanting a child but not being able to have any of her own. Each of the characters' journeys are shown, and some are from a previous time and others are present day. It can be a bit confusing in the first episode but you will get the hang of it. You’ll be deep into each of their stories of who they are, and you revel to see what they will become.

All magic shows are somewhat similar, and you won’t be disappointed with this one. The second season comes out today which is more focused on Ciri. I have high expectations for it to be as good as the last.

Reviewer Name: Jacqueline Larson

Date of Review: Dec. 17, 2021

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