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"Wallows" Rialto Theatre Concert (04.12.22) | Photo Gallery

On April 12th, I had the privilege of photographing The Wallows on their 5th anniversary as a band. They started the show with "Hard to Believe" from their new album, Tell Me That It's Over. Other songs The Wallows played from their new album were "Marvelous", "Hurts Me", and "Guitar Romantic Search Adventure". My all-time favorite song, "Scrawny", caused an eruption from the audience; this song is the type where you jump and dance all around. The Wallows didn't end the show without singing their classic song "Are You Bored Yet?". After the show ended, the audience called for an encore performance and so The Wallows performed 3 MORE SONGS! One of those 3 songs, "Let the Sun In" was their first time performing live on tour. Dylan, Braeden, and Cole of The Wallows definitely know how to put on a show and entertain the audience.

Photography by Cielo Perez

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