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The Loft Film festival Late night Shorts Bonanza

Two weeks ago I found myself at the 9:30 screening of late night short film screening. Focused on stories of camaraderie, surrealism, and horror these films were a joy to watch. The films ranged from a play on the trope of a man meeting a hot lady after her car breaks down to an older woman's teeth falling out and attacking and killing her. My personal favorite was El Tigro Mystico. A story of a man trapped within his injuries discovers his mystical power to teleport. He soon realizes he is trading place with an inner personality and as he attempts to fight it loses himself. Unable to overstay its welcome these short stories are entertaining each in their own way.

The loft film festival is able to bring together these eclectic films on the big screen. Not many local venues are able to participate in shows like these

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