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The Beths – The Future Hates Me CD Review

Artist: The Beths

Album: Future Me Hates Me

Label: Carpark Records

Name: Caroline Eimer

Review: This is definitely an album that you will want to bring along on your road trip down the shore on a hot summer day. The refreshing vocals and harmonies are very catchy and upbeat. This is the type of music you will want to play when you want to get up and dance, whether it be when you are alone in your house, or at a party with friends. The title track is definitely classic indie rock style, but Elizabeth Stokes’s extensive vocal range will keep you intrigued. Even though this album may sound like other bands you’ve heard before, it is still worth checking out. The male backup vocals work better on some tracks than others; I could have done without them on “Little Death” however I think they worked well on “Not Running.” “Uptown Girl” reminds me of a song that would be featured in a 2000s teen girl movie, but it is still fun to listen to, especially when the band jams out in the instrumental solo. The band definitely knows how to rock out, and the well done production of the album captures their happy, party sound and head-bobbing personality.

Sounds Like: Alvvays (vocals), Hop Along (classic indie), The New Pornographers (vibe wise)

Recommended Tracks: “Great No One” has a fun vibe, rocking guitar solo, and a catchy chorus. “Future Me Hates Me” is nice because you really get to hear the talent in the lead’s diverse vocal range.



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