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The Batman? I barely know her.

Production Company: Warner Bros. Company, DC Films, 6th & Idaho, and Dylan Clark Productions

Streaming Service: In theaters, HBO max, Amazon Prime ($24.99), Google Play Movies ($24.99)

Release Date: March 4th, 2022

Rating: PG-13

Description: As someone who absolutely hates superhero movies, the recent film The Batman starring everyone's favorite Twilight boy Robert Pattinson, had me fully engrossed the entire time. And for a movie being almost 3 hours long, it sure didn't feel like it. You may be wondering, Amanda if you hate superhero movies why would you watch this? The answer is obviously Robert Pattinson. And my boy Robert does deliver a great performance. Robert Pattinson absolutely slays and puts a lovely emo twist on the character that I very much adored. Seeing Batman's eyes smudged with black eyeliner, hair constantly falling over his face, and listening to Nirvana really did something for me. Paul Dano is there too, and he gives honestly a haunting performance in my opinion. There is nothing more terrifying than an unhinged man with a cult following.Though there were some very funny moments with him. Zoë Kravitz did great as Catwoman, love a good cat moment and I believe she is actually canonically bisexual in this movie so that's pretty epic!

The plot was entertaining as well. The concept was simple but it was the execution that really did it for me. To do a quick summary (and warning for spoilers): Incel boy The Riddler has begun commiting a series of murders of Gotham City's politicians, due to their lies and corruption, in order to bring truth and justice to the city. In what almost feels like low budget saw traps he kidnaps these men, and like his name implies has them solve his rhymes and riddles relating to their crimes or else they die. And of course they all die. He leaves various riddles (again, because that's like his whole gimmick) at the scene of the crimes for Batman to solve in order to stop him and save whoever it is he's kidnapped. There is a lot more that happens obviously but I'm not going to talk about it all.

What I like the most about this move is that our boy Batman takes L after L. There's one scene where he goes to latch onto a moving truck, botches it completely, smashes into a bridge and just eats it. He isn't a very good superhero, or vigilante or whatever his actual title is. He doesn't even know about Riddler's final plan until after he's caught and locked in Arkham Asylum. Quick side note I absolutely love that Riddler has this weird parasocial relationship with Batman and thinks that they're besties and will destroy Gotham together. And when Batman is basically like "girl I don't even know you" he just has a breakdown. But Batman still kinda fumbles it at the end. He does save a bunch of people, solves most of the riddles, and beats up some gang/mafia guys (and looks good doing it too), but he eventually fails and the whole city still floods and countless people definitely die. But I honestly enjoy a movie where the good guy ends up messing things up. It's refreshing to see failure be displayed by those who are written to win and always win. I also really liked that this movie focused on the Riddler instead of the Joker. Controversial opinion but I'm sick of that guy. I'm tired of seeing him.

So if you're like me and don't like superhero movies (or just love Robert Pattinson) definitely see this one. It's nothing like the other ones being put out today it's actually good, sorry not sorry MCU fans. However, if you are a fan of superhero movies I can't really say if this will be your cup of tea or not. I don't know how this version compares/holds to the comics and such, and I know that's important and matters to a lot of fans. But for me it was good and that's all that matters so I give it 4.5/5 (-.5 for being visually super dark).

Reviewer Name: Amanda Razickas

Date of Review: 4/19/22

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