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The Aces @ Crescent Ballroom Concert Review

Phoenix was alive on Sunday, February 17th, as The Aces came to play a sold out show at Crescent Ballroom. As the room filled in, Joan warmed up the crowd with hits like “tokyo” and “take me on”. With the crowd buzzing, the lights dimmed, and The Aces stepped on stage. Immediately, the crowd was alive as the band started with their sleeper hit, “Put It On The Line”. When the band played “Bad Love”, a crowd member handed lead singer Cristal Ramirez a pride flag and she waved it around with joy. The band played their entire discography, which includes every track from their 2017 EP “I Don’t Like Being Honest” and their 2018 debut album, “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”. Some of the crowd didn’t know all of the songs from their EP, but the original fans were singing along hard! Each member of the band took a moment to thank the crowd and tell a little story, and my heart grew a few sizes when Mckenna Petty, the bass player, addressed the crowd with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. The band announced they were playing their last song, “Waiting For You”, which felt fitting considering this was the Waiting For You Tour! But, the crowd wanted more! After some cheering, Cristal and guitarist Katie Henderson came on stage to perform an acoustic guitar version of their song, “Hurricane”. Then Petty and drummer Alisa Ramirez joined the other two on stage to play their hit “Stuck” and the crowd jumped and sang along with such a positive energy. The band took their final bow and passed out guitar pics and drum sticks. This was the band’s first headlining show in Arizona, and if this night was any indication, the band has a lot of shows and success ahead of them.

View the photos I took of the event on our Facebook page:

[EDIT: I flew out this past weekend to attend the final show of the Waiting For You Tour in Salt Lake City and this band is here to STAY! What a show, what a performance- I can’t wait for new music to come out and for them to get on the road again! You definitely don’t want to miss their show.]

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