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Thank You For Today- Death Cab for Cutie

Album: Thank You For Today

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie

Genre: #Pop/#indie/#alternativerock

Sub-Genres: #indierock

Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


If I’m being 100% honest, DCFC fell a little to the wayside for me after Plans was released in 2005. Just writing that made me feel a little bit old, considering I was literally an infant that year. That being said, when I found Thank You For Today in the stacks, I was so excited to jump back on the DCFC bandwagon and find out what they’ve been up, granted their makeup has changed somewhat over the last 13 years.  What struck me most about listening to Plans growing up was how the music managed to transport me out of my current state. Oftentimes, I would use DCFC’s music to escape the current state and just immerse myself in the music. While many might disagree, I felt that this album still succeeded in doing that. While some songs did feel like they were a little too big for the band, most felt true to their sound. I really liked getting back into this band that reminds me of my youth.

Sounds Like:  The Postal Service, Tokyo Police Club

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Summer Years (just clearly a Death Cab song, fits all sound/lyric requirements, sounds like something off of Plans)

  2. You Moved Away (upbeat yet drawn-out clarity)

  3. When We Drive (melodically appealing, interesting layers)

Reviewer’s Name: Arielle Devorah

Date of Review: Nov. 4th 2018



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