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STILL WOOZY kicks off their international tour right here in Tucson with a bang!

Show Lineup: Opener: LoveLeo, Main Artist: Still Woozy

Genre(s): Indie Concert

Venue: Rialto Theater

Date: September 14, 2021

After not playing live for 1 year and 10 months, Still Woozy and opener LoveLeo, made everyone in the crowd woozy with joy as they started off their tour right in our very own college town.

I personally bought the tickets for this show 2 days after they announced the tour, and I am sure glad I did, because there was a line all the way around the block from the Rialto Theater an hour before doors opened.

The crowd was completely full, jammed packed at a sold out show! Everywhere you looked were groups of indie young adults dressed in colorful patterns, funky jewelry, and absolutely jittering with excitement to finally be able to see live music once again.

Whoever was controlling the lights for the entire show should receive their own mention. The lights were simply magical, each song seemed to have its own unique colorful coordinated light show to go along with it. This really transported the audience into a euphoric whim of dance, color and music.

The show started out with opener LoveLeo, who served alternative Freddie Mercury energy wearing an all-white jumpsuit with his logo on the back in spray painted red and a pearl necklace. He also rocks the Freddie Mercury stash’ and has dyed pink hair. He had a setup DJ booth and was very animated and alive on stage. He danced with the music and the beat, and just looked like he was having the best time ever on stage #maincharacter. He played some of his most popular songs, including “BOYFREN” and “HEAD OVER HEELS”, but he also incorporated some fun classics including, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley. He even threw single stem red roses into the crowd which was a blast. Only critique was that there were moments where the bass was too loud and it was difficult to hear his voice, but that was probably just a technical issue, and this was their first show.

Still Woozy then made us wait 15 minutes in sweaty anticipation after LoveLeo ended his act, but it was 100% worth it. Still Woozy started and ended with a bang. Throwing a mix of the classic songs we love including “Goodie Bag”, “Habit”, and “Wolfcat”, as well as performing songs off of his new album “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is”. Some of the songs he performed off his new album were “Rocky” and “Kenny”.

All 3 members of the band exuded just pure joy for finally being able to perform again, and this being their first show it seemed to be extra special and exciting. They all interacted with the crowd and it was such a unique experience for me personally. Sven, the lead singer, made jokes, danced, pointed to people in the crowd, and really made the audience feel a part of the show.

The set, lights, onstage vibe was all there. With just the right amount of upbeat versus slow beat songs, just the right amount of breaks to have a quick little personal moment with the crowd, I felt like the entire performance was super well rounded and so much fun.

I am also a huge fan of Still Woozy, way back since 2017 when ‘Goodie Bag’ was released, so I may be a touch biased. However, I do think this show would have been fun for anyone, from super fans to new listeners, Still Woozy truly made everyone in the crowd woozy (in the best way possible).

Reviewer Name: Maayan Cohen

Date of Review: Sept 19, 2021

Photo Caption: Still Woozy main singer, Sven, playing electric guitar with Still Woozy sign in the background.

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