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Speaking About Anything but Silence

Album: Speaking Silence(single) Artist: PREP Genre: #SynthPop #Indie #Alternative Sub-Genres: #Soul Label: Bright Antenna Records

​ PREP's new single feels like an Arizona sunset, clouds are turning purple and no building can obscure your view but the city rumble remains. PREP, based in the UK, released their first EP under their name in 2020 and are following it up with an unreleased EP later this year. Speaking silence is their second single this year. The first being the more peppy song The Kid. This multitalented group is comprised of a composer, Dj, songwriter, and producer to create an incredibly solid sound.

The Soft pastels and minimalist art style on their album cover and singles represent their nature as creators working to build a soft, comfortable music. The grainy strung out vocals of Speaking silence pull them out as unique defining a sound that carries over from their previous Album and singles. As you sit listening to their jams you cant but help sway back and forth as their music takes over. Speaking Silence itself is an ode to reunderstanding one another. The calm after the storm re-inspires one to grow from a broken relationship.

The sounds of synth pop is unique, similar to shoegaze or standard synth but with strong vocals reinforcing the smooth synth sounds. By taking this sound slowcore music is able to reinforce itself with a strong message that feels absent in standard synth and shoegaze. So if you ever want to relax as the sun goes down, unwinding from a stressful week, put on Speaking Silence by PREP.

Sounds Like:

  1. temp.

  2. Mac eyres

  3. Steely Dan

Reviewer’s Name: Alexander Scherotter Date of Review: April 16, 2022

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