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$omething at the Enjoy Show

Updated: Feb 27

Show Lineup

Cowgirl Clue, Enjoy


Cowgirl Clue: Electronic Hyper Pop. It's EDM for girls. If I had to describe her music with a color, it would be scoobydoo gummy blue.

Enjoy: Alt rock with lots of elements of classic rock. Lowkey out of pocket lyrics that don't make sense but it's still really relatable. If I had to describe his music with a color, I would so like a mustard-military-Iraq soldier yellow.

*Also I love how the site just so happened to have the colors I was talking about for the text


The Nile Theater in Mesa



Wyatt Sheers and Ashley Clue are on tour (again so soon) for the 2024 season! I was really surprised to see that they are back on the road again because I saw Wyatt with The Garden in October and Clue in September. The grind never seems to stop for the VadaVada collective.

I went to this show as an "I'm sorry" gift to my sister for not being able to take her to see that aforementioned The Garden concert, so this was her first VadaVada show!

This was my first time seeing anything at The Nile. It is a decent sized venue. Unfortunately, it is all floor with no gradation so everyone is at the same level. It's unfortunate because all the big ahh ahh people always fight for their lives to stand at the front and not even be an engaged fan. However, my sister managed to circumvent this and get a direct barricade spot. A little jealous but I'm happy she got barricade for her first VadaVada show. I hung out in the mosh pit so I still had a good time and a good spot.

Cowgirl Clue opened the show. She is always so ethereal on stage, I am completely obsessed with her. I really felt like her performance was undercut by the poor tech. Her mic kept cutting out and giving feedback. I also don't know if her backing tracks were set up right because in parts of her performance her live band kept playing catch up with the backing tracks. Regardless they performed amazingly! My favorites songs she performed were $omethin's in the Air and Running with a Flashlight. The songs have lots of great bass and the live performance really pumped it into my veins!

Next was Enjoy. I was still in the merch line when he opened so I was sad that I missed experiencing the first song but I was quickly able to get in and enjoy (haha) the rest of the performance. The crowd had really great energy however the vibe was a little sour. I'm not sure what it was put people were particularly shove-y at this show. I chalk that up to the venue not really having an optimal setup to see Wyatt at any given spot. Regardless, I really had a great time! He performed stuff mostly off of Exploited and Mist which is good but there was literally nothing off of Sessions with a Nasty Old Tree which particularly surprised me because this would have been a perfect opportunity to perform Southern Story with Cowgirl Clue.

The merch for this tour is REALLY good! The shirts were beautifully designed with a baseball tee design, military style jacket, and a boat load of stickers, pins, posters, and physical music. From Enjoy’s line I bought a military jacket, bumper sticker, the Mist cassette. My sister got a classic black shirt, poster, bumper sticker, and pins. From the Cowgirl Clue line, I got a vinyl and bumper sticker. I like to note that this was her first vinyl release so I thought it would be cool to get it! Also, I'd like to note it was SUPER affordable. It was only 25 dollars (literally how did they get it so cheap???) The clothes are really high quality! I bought their shirts from their last shows and they are still holding up very well!

Post show, I got to speak with Cowgirl Clue (again!!) She is really kind to her fans. She talked about how she was really proud of her vinyl release and how happy she was with how the tour is going. I wish her the best in the rest of the tour!

Overall, I'd give this show a 7.5 out of 10. This is mostly the fault of the venue. They had a really poor merch line set up, venue set up, and had bad tech. I'm also taking points off for no Sothern Story (seriously why no Southern Story????) I’ll give points because there were lots of really nice people. I handed off my vinyl to some random person who was in the back and they held onto it while I moshed. Also, I ran into someone I saw at The Garden show, kinda sad I’m known to them as cornstarch girl though. Also, there was a tall guy that protected me in the pit. That was really nice. Also Cam, I see you!!! I’ll link your review once you post it.


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