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So Much (for) Stardust: What We Know (so) Far:

(Photo from: So Much (for) Stardust album by Fall Out Boy, 2023).

Tucson, Arizona– So Much (for) Stardust is Fall Out Boy’s eight studio album, and is set to release March 23, through Fueled by Ramen and DCD2.

According to New Musical Express, Patrick Stump said, “I didn’t want to go back to a specific style, but I wanted to imagine what it would have sounded like if we had made a record right after Folie à Deux.”

Fall Out Boy began revealing song titles through pink seashells deliveries. The band leaves large, pink seashells in specific places. On these shells, track numbers are marked in black, and a note with the track title is found with the shells. According to Fall Out Boy on Twitter, track nine, “Flu Game,” is expected to drop soon!

Love From The Other Side” sounds like “27,” from Folie à Deux.

Heartbreak Feels So Good” sounds like “Death Valley,” from Save Rock and Roll.

“Flu Game,” → (stay tuned ;)!

According to Rolling Stone, Patrick Stump said, “We wanted to make a record that was really lovingly crafted and deliberate and patiently guided…I’m pretty proud of this record.”

Joe Trohman announced on Twitter that he is stepping away from the band, due to his deteriorating mental health. According to the Twitter statement, Trohman will make an eventual return. “Will I return to the fold? Absolutely, one-hundred percent. In the meantime, I must recover…”

This is the first album released through Fueled by Ramen since Take This To Your Grave, 2003. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of Take This To Your Grave.

Neal Avron will produce So Much (for) Stardust.

*Stay tuned as the list updates following new releases from the album!*

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