“So Money, Baby” – Breakup Shoes EP Review

Album: So Money, Baby

Artist: Breakup Shoes

Genre: #Alt #Indie

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop, #SurfRock

Label: Self-released

Non-Airable Tracks: Trash, Petty

Description: The newest release from Phoenix-based indie-rock quartet Breakup Shoes is cheery, yet dreary; hopeful, yet hopeless. With dreamy, upbeat instrumentals accompanied by melancholy lyrics, “So Money, Baby” is Breakup Shoes at their finest yet. Ever since the release of 2016’s “Nicotine Dream EP”, the band has been evolving its sound, and nowhere is it more refined and established than on their newest release. The instrumentation on the EP could be some of the best that the band has ever released, with some slick guitar riffs and crisp drum beats that make you want to get up and groove. Some notable songs include the catchy surf-rock tune “Playing With Fire”, and “Idk”, a smooth, guitar driven track about low self-esteem and anxiety. The track “Accessory” is another standout track, with a creamy guitar riff that combines with a polished bass line to create a laidback slow jam about unrequited love and a desire to move beyond the friend zone. The EP clocks in at about 24 minutes, with seven songs that encapsulate everything from escaping the friend zone to self-realization. A great, enjoyable listen that I’d recommend to anyone.

Sounds Like: Local Natives, No Vacation

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Idk

  2. Accessory

  3. Trash

Reviewer’s Name: Victor Verbalaitis

Date of Review:10/7/19