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Sex education 3rd Season Review

Personal Rating: 6/10

Genre: Action/Comedy

Streaming Service: Netflix

Release Date: Jan. 16, 2019

As always this show brings up important topics such as being an openly gay couple, safe sex, and taking care of your body. With Maeve and Otis' love relationship, it is just getting repetitive and makes me want to strangle Otis. Maeve is in a pickle as two boys are after her and she loves both of them, but she wants to focus on her little sister who is now in child protection services.

Jean is pregnant with Jakob’s baby and now both Ola and Otis live under the same roof and it is a bit of a chaotic family restructure, but touches on important points with leaving for college and being introduced to a new family after parents separate.

What I enjoyed most was how Otis and Maeve started giving out sex advice again just like in the first season. They are good at what they do which was why I enjoyed watching it in the beginning and I hope in the next season they incorporate more of that.

There is also this new principal which I found it was difficult to either hate or like her. She really did want what was best for the school, but many of her decisions and beliefs did not sit right with me. A new character was introduced and they spoke of a lot of topics schools still need to address. The saddest part of this season but was also understandable was the break up between Eric and Adam. I didn’t like how it happened because I don’t think Eric would actually kiss someone else, but he is ready for an openly gay relationship and Adam just isn’t. I wonder if Rahim and Adam will become a thing next season and if Otis and Eric start hanging out more as they used to in season 1.

Reviewer Name: Jacqueline Larson

Date of Review: Jan. 17, 2019

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