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Serafima: KAMP In-Studio

Performance Details: Friday, April 22nd, 2022 KAMP Radio Station.

On April 22, 2022, KAMP hosted the last in-studio concert of the semester. This concert consisted of Seattle singer Serafima performing in our studio. Serafima places her music in the “unAmericana” genre, and she takes a lot of inspiration from her own life and the style of the 1920s and 1930s for her songs. Serafima has been playing music since the 8th grade and can play the acoustic guitar and the upright bass. I was lucky enough to ask Serafima a few questions after her performance and learned that her biggest inspirations are Bedouine, Sierra Ferrell, Ruth Etting, Tamar Korn, Annette Hanshaw, and Vilray. She even played us a version of Annette Hanshaw's "If You Want The Rainbow(You Must Have The Rain)" and dedicated it to the graduating seniors in the room.

Her Cover of "If You Want The Rainbow(You Must Have The Rain)"

Personally, this In-studio performance was my favorite of the year. Serafima was just full of joy during her performance and you could tell just how much she loved music and how excited she was to be performing for us. Her setlist consisted of four of her songs which were "I'll Be Around", "I've Never Been In Love Before", Elvis", and "Give It Time" and one cover of the aforementioned "If You Want The Rainbow(You Must Have The Rain)" by Annette Hanshaw. Before each song, she gave us the background of them and what inspired her to write them. Her song "Elvis" was inspired by a summer trip to Europe she and her friends were planning on taking during the summer of 2020, and how it was canceled because of COVID. Her song "I'll Be Around" was one of my personal favorites because it was relatable, in her lyrics she is telling a story of being too shy to go up to someone and ask them out but still wanting them to make the first move and ask her out. I really loved the way she talked to the audience during her performance, she was able to make it a really successful performance by including everyone.

Her song "I'll Be Around"

I really recommend watching the recording of her in-studio that will be coming out on KAMP's YouTube Channel and KAMP's SoundCloud soon. If you want to see her live she has upcoming shows at Greene's Corner in Bellingham, Washington with Marlo Mudd on May 13th, and another show at Hotel Albatross in Seattle, Washington with Kendall Lujan and Marlo Mudd on June 3rd. She hopes to come down to Tucson again soon, and I hope so too. Serafima wants to travel, meet people, and share her music. To me, she's already doing that by coming all the way to Tucson to share her music with KAMP and I hope she continues it so more people can hear her beautiful music.

Reviewer's Name: Makenzie Cate-Tolson

Date of Review: April 27, 2022

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