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REVIEW: Ain't It Nice—Mal Blum 4/15/22

Album: Ain’t It Nice

Artist: Mal Blum

Label: Terrorbird

Ain’t It Nice is Blum’s blend of indie and Americana, taking on this air of instant nostalgia and warmth. I love how I could naturally feel any song on this album playing distantly in the background of a radio.

This album in particular stands out, as knowing Blum’s voice has dropped lower since his last release, gives such a tender quality to the sound overall. Adapting your sound when it comes to transitioning is something that can be difficult for a lot of artists, but Blum clearly nailed it.

Something I loved when researching this album was the fact that it’s creation was largely still in isolation. Blum and their collaborative partner on the project, Kyle Andrews, never even met in person.

The sentiment of creation here is out of preservation and love more than shines through, and I think a quote from Blum’s website puts the sentiment best.

“There’s a lot you can’t control right now. If you want to share your art, just share it.”

​Taking on genres so dominated by straight men, Blum brings a welcoing queer lens to Americana and country, and if this is the direction Blum keeps taking, I frankly can’t wait for more.

Sounds Like:

  1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot–Wilco

  2. The Sunset Tree–The Mountain Goats

  3. Sucker Supreme–Rosie Tucker

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Everybody Loves You–Mal Blum, Laura Stevenson

  2. Candy Bars & Men

Reviewer’s Name: Avery Martinez

Date of Review: 4/15/2022

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