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“Real Tight”-Methyl Ethyl review

Album: Real Tight (Single)

Artist: Methyl Ethyl

Genre: #Alt #Indie

Sub-genre: #Indie #Pop

Label: 4AD

Non-Airable Tracks: None


This is a fun indie-pop song! It is a little generic, the sort of song you would hear on an alternative radio station and bob your head to but perhaps not pay close attention to. The lyrics and vocals aren’t extremely memorable; that is not to say they are bad by any means, but they just aren’t incredibly unique. However, I do really like the bass. Its a simple bass line, but I love the way that you can hear it clearly, as bass is often buried deep on songs like these. I also enjoyed the bubbly guitar and synth, as well as the familiar-but-catchy drum beat. Overall, this song did not necessarily stand out to me, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Sounds like: The Bad Suns, Tame Impala

Reviewer: Ruby Fulford

Review Date: 12/3/18

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