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Present Future Dreams by Eliza and the Organix

Album: Present Future Dreams

Artist: Eliza and the Organix

Genre: Alternative

Sub-Genres: #Altjazz

Label: Eliza Waldman

Non-Airable Tracks: None


A very interesting album filled with topics like cocaine, masturbating, remembering, wanting to forget and dreaming. I think vocalist Eliza Waldman has a very intriguing way of telling stories, as she doesn’t quite sing–she sing-talks (imagine reading a book while vocalizing a bit).

Her style works very well as I do think that the band’s whole style is representative of story-telling. The music follows a steady pace and speeds up in places where you would imagine action in between the sung-spoken lyrics.

Sounds Like: Fiona Apple, WHY?, Amanda Palmer

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. 2-When I Call You: I like the electric guitar riffs that are accompanied with the trumpet in between parts of the lyrics that make it sound like part of a movie soundtrack of someone running nowhere.

  2. 3-Blameless: The longest track on the album but has a steady beat and fun mix of electro-boogie feels.

Reviewer’s Name: Hibah Ilyas

Date of Review: 3/25/2019

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