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“Popular Music” by LIFE Review

Album: Popular Music

Artist: LIFE

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Sub-genres: #alt #altrock #Punk

Label: Afghan Moon

Non-Airable Tracks: None


“Popular Music” by LIFE is a brilliantly angry, loud, and political punk rock album. I like how the guitarists mix loads of heavily distorted chords with moments of clean, melodic parts that add musical intrigue and keep the songs from becoming too langry or rough to be enjoyable. I also enjoyed the heavy use of bass on this album (particularly in the song “Earthworm”); it stood out as its own instrument, instead of being used as a supplemental harmony like it is n many album. The lyrics tackle issues from brexit to Donald Trump to the politics of the music industry, but do it in a way that is witty and genuine instead of being generically rebellious in the way that many rock bands often attempt. It is clear that the lyricists have first-hand experience with some of the issues discussed and have original thoughts about them.

My only complaints would be that some of the songs sound extremely similar in trms of rhythm and style, toeing the line between coherency and redundancy. But overall, I found this album refreshing and creative. This is LIFE’s debut album, and I think that this band has a lot of potential.

Sounds like: Heavy Lungs, Cabbage, doesn’t exactly sound like The Clash but definitely sounds influenced by them

Recommended Tracks: “In Your Hands”, “Earthworm” “Euromillions”

Reviewer’s name: Ruby Fulford

Reviewer Date: 1/4/19

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