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Poppy – I Disagree/Concrete Singles Review

Single: I Disagree/Concrete

Artist: Poppy

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: #AlternativeMetal

Label: Sumerian

Non-Airable Tracks: N/A


Poppy dabbled with metal on a few tracks before, but none were quite as dominantly metal as these two singles. “I Disagree” starts off with Poppy talking intimately over hushed syncopated industrial beats not unlike Jonathan Davis likes to do. The chorus that follows is marked by three chords and a simple but catchy melodic vocal line repeated twice. This verse-chorus structure is repeated a second time before an uplifting power metal bridge that is the best part of the song. By the third time the chorus gets repeated, its appeal has already been worn thin and it turns into a chore to hear the same simple melody yet again with no variation. There is not much more to unpack in the song so further listening is not too rewarding and the appeal quickly dissipates, “I Disagree” is a mediocre pop song played as a heavy metal song.

“Concrete” is far more interesting. The song straddles the line between glam metal, metalcore, and sunshine pop, a level of variety that would not sound out of place coming from Between the Buried and Me circa 2009. It opens with the same hushed vocals but quickly veers into its powerful pop chorus that marks the song. The sunshine pop section fits well following the melodic chorus but the abrupt shift to chugging metal guitars that comes next is stark and unwelcoming. Thankfully, its smooth sailing pop metal from there on out as Poppy sings a catchy refrain fading the song out. “Concrete” is the better of the two songs.

Sounds Like: Poppy

Recommended Tracks: Concrete

Reviewer’s Name: Bryan

Date of Review: 10/23/19

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