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Pictoria Vark, Sweet Pill, La Dispute at 191 Toole, October 11th

Lineup: Pictoria Vark, Sweet Pill, La Dispute

Genre: Rock/Punk

Venue: 191 Toole

Date: October 21st

Description: The first band that played, Pictoria Vark, was a 3-piece group with a lead singer/bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer. Their style was captivating, complex bass and guitar harmonies were underscored by the singer's reserved but clear vocals. At one point near the end of their set, the drummer swapped to a guitar and the lead guitarist played their part with a bass bow, creating one of the most unique sounds I've heard at a live show. If I am able to, I will certainly see this group again.

Sweet Pill was the name of the band that played second. Their set was fast and loud, the lead singer took her place at the center and absolutely owned it for her time up there. The guitarist on the left at one point did some tapping that was both technically impressive and sounded incredible. At one point, the lead from La Dispute joined them and humbly shared the stage. This group from Philadelphia is good if you're looking for something a little more hardcore.

The headliner for this show, La Dispute, took to the stage and got started quickly. Their energy was frenetic, the singer was deeply intense as he appeared to deconstruct the crowd with his eyes. He loomed imposingly over the front of the crowd, he held the microphone to fans who diligently knew the lyrics to their complex songs. I have rarely been to a show with this amount of crowd interaction from the band, and the crowd took to it well, getting a little rowdy but staying engaged in the show for the most part. The band passed out water to the people in front as well, and the lead singer gave an empassioned speech in which they outlined several progressive social beliefs that give the impression he is a caring and empathetic person, not just a performer on stage.

Reviewer Name: Dorian Bradley Chase

Date of Review: 11/8/22

Rating: 4 out of 5

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