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Phoenix Lights Review

The Phoenix Lights 2023 Festival was an unforgettable experience that brought together music lovers to this extraterrestrial-themed two-day festival from all over the region. This was the first time the festival was located within the stadium of the raceway rather than in the parking lot. The festival featured an array of talented artists, including Ganja White Night, Crank Dat, and Martin Garrix, who delivered electrifying performances that left the crowd in awe. Besides the music, the festival had an array of many different shopping booths, food vendors, arcade games and many chairs to relax.

I attended Saturday and therefore missed Martin Garrix’s exciting performance Friday. I spent this festival listening to Crank Dat and Ganja White Night. The rest of the festival was spent wandering around and enjoying the fun shops, games, and activities the rest of the fest had to offer.

Crank Dat came out strong during his set and had the crowd wild. Energy levels were cranked to the max. Crank Dat is a genuinely talented artist famously known for turning almost any song into a heavy dubstep song. This past year, he released a dubstep version of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Ganja White Night headlined Saturday night, and they brought their famous wubby music. They played plenty of notorious songs and soon switched to European drum and bass for a while in the middle of their set. They ended on a high note and finished the concert with a bang.

What made this festival truly out of this world was the alien theme that ran throughout the event. The organizers did an excellent job of incorporating extraterrestrial motifs into the festival’s decor, from the inflatable spaceships and planets to the illuminated space-inspired stage. There were even “alien” performers who added to the otherworldly ambiance.

Overall, the Phoenix Lights 2023 festival was a remarkable experience that combined excellent music with an exciting out-of-this-world theme. The performances by Ganja White Night and Crank Dat were spectacular, and the organizers’ attention to detail in creating an otherworldly atmosphere was awe-inspiring.

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