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“Pessimist” by Catapults Review

("Pessimist" by Catapults graphic art song cover, released Feb. 2023.)

“Is it worth a try or are we fucked?”

“Apocalypse on my mind,”

“Watch it crumble and rewind,”

“With this ghost town scenery,”

“No sign of an ending in front of me.”

Emo, pop-punk band Catapults is based in Oldenburg, Germany. Their latest single, “Pessimist,” captures the anguish of the impending doom of the apocalypse. The guitar riffs and drums stress the anxious mood of the lyrics.

In a statement from their Instagram, the band describes their song as:

The times during Covid lockdowns where we all were forced to stay inside for months and the only thing we could do was sit in bed and consume negative news all day long, not believing what the fuck was going and with no end in sight.

This single was published last week and currently has less than fifty views on Youtube. Catapults is a band gaining recent traction. Averaging 31,821 monthly listens on Spotify, Catapults began publishing their music five years ago. Catapults plans to release their newest EP, Our Current Life, this March! Catapults is currently touring across Europe.

To stay up to date with the latest from Catapults, follow their Instagram @catapultsband

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