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Peach Pit at the Van Buran

Performance Details: Sunday, March 20th, 2022 The Van Buran

Okay, so where do I even begin? To start off, if you have been listening to Peach Pit for a few years then you know that whoever broke Niel Smith's heart, lead singer, deserves to be put in jail, because oh my goodness the angst. Anyway, Peach Pit is a Vancouver-based indie rock band that consists of members Niel Smith (lead singer and rhythmic guitar), Mikey Pascuzzi (drummer), Peter Wilton (bassist), and Christopher Vanderkooy (lead guitar). These four boys, since forming Peach Pit in June 2014 have gone on to make classic indie favorites such as "Tommy's Party," "Alrighty Aphrodite," and "Drop the Guillotine" to name a few. However, arguably their most successful and fan-favorite album to date has been "You and Your Friends." After having to cancel their 2021 tour due to Covid related concerns their 2022 album drop "From 2 to 3" was highly anticipated by their respective fans and with a tour to boot the youth were ready to show up and show out to support a beloved artist.

I was privileged enough to see their Pheonix performance on the 2 to 3 Tour at the Van Buran theater and there were no thoughts just vibes. Well, there were some thoughts and I am going to share them right now.

The opening act that was originally scheduled was Haley Blais unfortunately could not make the show due to complications with their tour bus. However, the show must go on and a local band was seeded to be the opener entitled Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold. Despite not having performed live on stages bigger than those at bars, not having any released music, being called to perform just a 2:00 pm the day of the show, and throwing together a set day of, they totally killed it.

Photo of The Band Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold

With music that was very country, very rock, and very banjoee?? the crowd went absolutely crazy for their performance and it was such a heartwarming experience to watch a local band take the stage and garner such love and support from the audience. In turn, the members of the band had stellar energy and were so gracious to be playing that night.

Photo of The Band Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold

After the intermission, it was time. Peach Pit performed all of the classics, the old classics, mid classics, new soon-to-be classics, and also other songs too. The crowd was extremely electric and so into each and every chord progression, cymbal hit, and pause for effect. From headbanging, lighter waving, moshing and slow swaying, no mood was not unlocked throughout the duration of the show. The energy of the crowd in turn fed the intensity of the band as they played each song like it was their last.

Photo of Peach Pit

In addition, in the introduction of the song "Figure 8" Smtih had noticed from the stage that a fan was struggling out in the audience and stopped mid-song in order to ensure the safety of the fan and everyone in the venue. Acts of empathy and caution such as these were extremely potent throughout the entirety of the show, with Smith expressing his gratitude for the audience in saying that Pheonix was his favorite city to perform in (and not just because he was there in the moment), and Wilton commending the crowd for holding phone lights up during their latest single "Look Out!" Perhaps the most endearing anecdote by Smith was him retelling how he and his three bandmates were simply four dudes in a bedroom not so long ago and to play in venues such as the Van Buran, for crowds as passionate and enthusiastic, brought no thoughts to mind but gratitude.

Photo of Peach Pit lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy

Now let's get into the music. So good. Like no really so good. They just do not miss. Each song performed sounded just like it does on their in-studio recordings, cadence and rhythmic change, all of the nuanced drum beat with proper tonal control in both volume and emotion, it was simply unreal. The performance of Vanderkooy was especially awe-inspiring since in almost every song performed everyone was itching for when his guitar solo would begin, which were all rightfully deserved. In addition, the way in which Pascuzzi was enthralled in every song looking to both Smith and Vanderkooy for rhythmic cues and shifts in vocal delivery was unmatched. All in all, they rip, and in a way that is so copasetic, loving, and fun. If you feel like crying and laughing and dancing and having a bang-up time listen to some Peach Pit and if you are lucky enough to have the chance to see them live do it. Not all people love what they do and are good at it. Peach Pit just happens to have both.

All Photos were taken by Victor Verbalaitis

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