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Orkesta Mendoza and TSO at Linda Ronstadt Music Hall, Sep 17

Show Lineup: Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Orkesta Mendoza

Genre: Latin, Orchestral

Venue: Linda Ronstadt Music Hall

Date: September 17th

Description: Orkesta Mendoza is one of the more lively bands that I've had the privilege of seeing from Arizona. The ensemble set of musicians' instrumental prowess is matched only by the inevitable energy of the crowd, it's truly an experience that one should avail themselves of given the chance. I have formerly seen them at the Van Buren in Phoenix.

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra's reputation precedes itself. They are highly acclaimed and highly rewarded. On a personal note, I have been acquainted with several members whose worldliness and insightful guidance have contributed to the person I am today (for better or worse, I imagine).

To see both the TSO and Orkesta Mendoza on stage together was unexpected to say the least, though for their celebration of Mexican Culture in mid-September both groups came together onstage for a show that rocked the Linda Ronstadt Music Hall. Never have I seen so many octogenarians take to their feet and dance with the fervor they did, it couldn't be avoided, Orkesta Mendoza affords energy that a typical orchestral show lacks. The opening by TSO, accompanied by a slideshow of photographs taken in Mexico, was slow and set the scene for the vibrant performance that followed. As the ensemble played their first pieces, the orchestra sat and waited until they joined some songs in. "Los Calles de Tucson" was my personal favorite of the night, but as a local I might be biased. If you ever have the chance to see Orkesta Mendoza, I implore you take it, it's a lasting experience even among Tucson's expansive music scene.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Reviewer Name: Dorian Bradley Chase

Date of Review: 11/2/22

Photo by me

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