“Oncle Jazz” – Men I Trust Album Review

Album: Oncle Jazz

Artist: Men I Trust

Genre: #Alt #Indie

Sub-Genres: #DreamPop, #IndiePop

Label: Self-Released

Non-Airable Tracks: None

Description: “Oncle Jazz” is the newest indie pop masterpiece from Montreal trio Men I Trust. At a whopping 24 songs and clocking in at an hour and eleven minutes, Men I Trust’s newest record is soothing, rhythmic, and beautiful. Featuring Emma’s soft, airy vocals and lush instrumentation, the record feels like a nice coastal drive on an overcast morning. “Oncle Jazz” doesn’t take itself too seriously as an album, instead playing more like an indie-pop mixtape, with some light instrumental interludes scattered throughout. Each song feels different and new, something I’d hoped for while waiting for the record’s release. Featuring several of the band’s past singles, as well as many new tracks, the album flows effortlessly from track to track and makes for a comfortable, laidback listen. Every song on the album is worth listening to, but a few personal favorites for me include :”Tailwhip”, one of the band’s most popular singles; “Pines”, a bouncy, acoustic track that features some brilliant guitar tones along with some gentle Rhodes chords; and “Found Me”, a darker cut with a solid synth riff that carries the song for its entirety. Next time you don’t know what to do on a rainy day, I suggest you find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, throw on some headphones, and enjoy this record from start to finish. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Sounds Like: Banes World, Moonchild

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Tailwhip

  2. I Hope to Be Around

  3. Found Me

  4. Just listen to all of it, it’s very good

Reviewer’s Name: Victor Verbalaitis

Date of Review: 10/9/19