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Omega Needs To Be The New Alpha

On Tuesday, October 18th, I had the honor to attend an Omega X Concert. Omega X is a male Kpop group that consists of 11 members and they happened to perform at The

Marquee in Phoenix. If you are an avid listener of my radio show "KpopinAZ" you may have noticed I play their songs every single time. This is because I have yet to find a song I do not enjoy and scream along to in the car. Their top three songs at the moment are "Love me like", "Vamos" and "What's going on" all of which they played live.

Before the main event, the production has made a line of things to do prior. There was a mic check (early view of the performers) and a dance performance provided by a local dance group for those waiting in line waiting for a good place to stand for the concert. Even after the concert, for those that stayed long enough, could take selfies with all of the members. Something great about Omega X being a less known Kpop group is how fan oriented they are. On the other hand, just as the title says; Omega X deserves so much recognition and will, no doubt in the future be high on the Kpop charts.

The concert itself was well performed and very fun. Having 11 members will always keep your eyes moving thats for sure. On one side they could be hugging each other and the other side could be lying on the ground. All of this made them feel very authentic and real which was refreshing to see. The opening song was "Vamos" which happens to be my favorite, creating them to start off to a great start. The choreography throughout the show was incredible and lets not forget to mention the outfits. Every couple songs they had a very quick outfit change and it kept getting better and better. It started off with red, to black and then some sort of denim, it was coordinated in a great manor and it might have sparked a few new outfit ideas for some X's. During the water breaks they liked to communicate with their fans and did so by either speaking in english or with the help of their translator. In the middle of it all, a very lucky fan had the opportunity to get serenaded by the whole group on the stage. Finally, at the very end of the show they played a cute video about the behind the scenes on tour and the love for their fans and came out again during encore. This concert was unbelievable and I cannot wait to see these wonderful idols again (especially Sebin).

Written By: Kylie Morgan 10/25/2022


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