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ODESZA’s 2018 EP Mix

Album: ODESZA’s 2018 EP Mix

Artist: Various Producers (TroyBoi, TOKiMonsta, The Glitch Mob, Golden Feature, Kaskade, Phontay)

Genre: #EDM

Sub-Genre’s: #Electropop, #Chillwave, #Dupstep, #Glitch, #Trap, #Dub

Label: Counter Records

Non-Airable Tracks: None

The seismic duo of ODESZA released a six-song EP of Sasha Sloan’s Falls. The EP shares the stage with a handful of renowned producers like TroyBoi, TOKiMonsta and The Glitch Mob.  

The EP follows up the elevating cinematic experience of A Moment Apart, ODESZA’s 2017 album, with a twist of house and hip-hop.

ODESZA’s feature of Sloan is the fourteenth track in their last LP. In this 2018 release, her feature of Falls is part of the whole experiment.

TroyBoi’s mix starts us off clapping as to keep a metronome count with Sloan’s vocals. A tropical lift with bongo drums and perhaps a maraca. All the way down to woodwinds and a flip to house.

Golden Features’ mix feels like the intro of a Play Station game start menu. With deep house beats, the remix pays tribute to the cinematic aim of ODESZA’s album. Although Sloan’s vocals aren’t clearly present in the song, GF morph’s her voice into an almost robotic output that’s fun to follow.

The snapping pace TOKiMONSTA chose for the mix, costs for a day with blue skies. First, lets us sit on the sound of a pleasant keys, a soft revolution of violins and when the song can’t seem to be more uplifting when marching band drums start playing behind.

Kaskade is also on the mix, fading up to a steady head-nodding beat, progresses to head-bobbing beat and lands on head-banging drop. The Grammy-nominated EDM producer doesn’t overdo it, but delivers an uplifting remix.

At 128 beats per minute, Photay’s remix is accompanied with a pretty organic array of sounds. Still carrying the cinematic, playful experience of ODESZA.

The last track on the EP is The Glitch Mob’s Remix. TGM’s mesh of Sloan’s vocals with a house baseline makes for awesome build up and epic drops.

One must get accustomed to Sasha Sloan’s lovely voice when listening to the whole EP. But each track has its own specialty in giving beats that make heads more than nod and feet more than tap.

Reviewer: Victor Rodriguez

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Falls – TOKiMONSTA Remix (3:48)

  2. Falls – TroyBoi Remix (3:58)

Date Of Review: November 7, 2018

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