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New Vooo Single Is Perfect For Studying For Finals.

Album: Single-Heartstrings Artist: Vooo Genre: #Jazz #Lofi #NeoSoul Label: Radio Juicy

Description: Vooo's new single: Heartstrings is a fresh find in jazz just in time for finals week. This jazz and lofi single provides a sound that is perfect for studying. The saxophone sprinkled throughout the song adds a layer of depth and allows the listener to really get lost in the song. The soft vocals creates a peaceful dream-like state to the song that makes you put it on loop for hours. The other hints of guitar riffs, soft drums and piano really put this song together though. All of these elements combined create a song with an excellent balance of both old and new jazz. This album art for this single is also gorgeous. It really exemplifies the vibe of this funky song! I would highly recommend this single to anyone trying to get into jazz. This one will definitely be on repeat the rest of the week as I study for finals. Check it out!

Sounds Like:

  1. DJ Harrison

  2. Omari Jazz

  3. Brothers Of My Uncle

Reviewer’s Name: Kyla McDole Date of Review: 12/06/2022

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