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Morgxn, Flora Cash and Lany at The Van Buren

Acts: Morgxn, Flora Cash and Lany

Concert Date: Tuesday, 012/11/2018

Age Restriction: No

Location: The Van Buren

Alt AZ held their annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party show at the Van Buren featuring Morgxn, Floral Cash and Lany.

Morgxn opened up with his sweet vocals and poppy beats. Everyone in the crowd was jumping around, singing along and really embraced him. He played songs such as Boys Don’t Cry and XX from his 2018 release, Vital. He ended his set with his hit, Home, a larger than life song with lines the audience roared back to him. Flora Cash is a musical and real life partnership of Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj. Their ethereal, melancholy music warmed the hearts of the crowd. The show closed with Lany. As predicted, the crowd went insane! They played songs from their latest release, Malibu Nights and classics from their self titled release. At one point, the singer, Paul Klein went crowd surfing and it looked like he was being held up by a cloud of cellphones.

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