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More PinkPantheress Bangers for the Playlist: "Boy's a liar" Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Can you take a look inside your heart, is there any room for me?

Single(s): Boy's a liar, Do you miss me?

Artist: PinkPantheress

Genre: #Pop #Dance

Sub-Genres: #IndiePop #AltPop

Label: Warner Music

Non-Airable Tracks: Boy's a liar, Do you miss me?

Description: PinkPantheress has done it again! If I want to dance through the tears I know I can count on pop music Rockstar, PinkPantheress. The 21-year-old English pop diva has had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of the viral hit "Boy's a liar," which has been blowing up on my TikTok feed. Yesterday, she released the track with "Do you miss me?" as a B-side. Two weeks ago, PinkPantheress dropped single "Do you miss me?" to my extreme delight. The song features strong jungle influences, reflective of 90s British rave culture. I hear a clear Imogen Heap influence in "Do you miss me?" with its upbeat sound and moody lyrics. This song has a vintage yet very modern vibe to it: 2022 pop with heavy 90s influence. PinkPantheress features interesting instrumentals under her silky voice - which lends itself perfectly to this track - for a new song to dance to and avoid all of your problems.

"Boy's a liar," is so fun. For a song about not being seen by a lover, "Boy's a liar" is danceable and upbeat. Its lyrics are introspective and a little sad and balance the beat and pop rhythm. All of the elements mesh together so well and I'm obsessed. Another PinkPantheress slay!! This song is going to be overplayed in my "Bedroom Pop" playlist. Hearing the chorus on my feed, I was hooked and could not wait to stream it. Hearing the full version, I love so much about this song. This is a true pop anthem: underlying melancholy in its lyrics, a danceable melody, Y2K vibes from the background noise, and a catchy chorus. PinkPantheress is really carrying the pop genre on her back as of late. "Boy's a liar" is a very PinkPantheress song, but it may reveal a new phase for the artist in terms of experimenting with different sounds. I hope she continues her incredible pattern of making introspective and downhearted songs bubbly and danceable, at the very least. Sounds Like:

  1. piri

  2. YAZ

  3. Grimes

  4. Imogen Heap

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Boy's a liar

  2. Do you miss me?

Reviewer’s Name: Sophia Troetel Date of Review: December 1, 2022


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