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Men I Trust, I Trust Them With My Life!

Last Sunday (5th) I had the pleasure to attend a Men I Trust Concert, whom I have been wanting to see in person for quite some time now. I saw them at Phoenix’s Financial Theatre, with their opener being TOPS.

First off, TOPS was a perfect opener for Men I Trust. Their music is, as they describe it “soft rock infused with pop and melodic ballads”. A great description of their music. It paired perfectly against the electro jazz-pop of Men I Trust. I can proudly say I am a TOPS fan after listening to them. Jane, their lead singer, even had a flute solo, which was mind blowing! Stunning tunes and vocals, I hope I can see them again sometime!

Men I Trust came on shortly after, and the whole time I was left speechless. They opened with one of their instrumental pieces, Fiero GT and smoothly transitioned to Tailwhip. This concert experience was nothing but phenomenal. Their blend of their beautiful instrumentals and vocals, plus the crowd was eating it up! This crowd was just as jazzy as the band, some of the best-dressed fans I had seen at a concert. They played so many classics, like Numb, Ring of Past, Sugar, I Hope to Be Around, Trees Among Shrubs, You Deserve This, and of course their most well-known song, Show Me How. They also announced that this tour was going to be their last before…working on their new album!!! I got so excited hearing this news, plus they played two of the songs off it!! They were so good, can't wait to hear the full album!

Their encore songs were Seven and Billie Toppy, two great songs to end off this perfect performance. I had a gleaming smile on my face this whole time, it is truly one of the best concerts I have been to. (Not to be delusional, but I swear on my life Emma the lead singer was looking at me, she just loves me like that!) If I were to suggest any indie/shoegaze/soft pop/jazz enjoyer a band, Obviously I would suggest Men I Trust. Their first two albums are purely instrumental, as these were before they invited Emma to join the band. However, they are still very cool techno/electric pieces that you should give a listen to. Off their Oncle Jazz album, my favorites are Oncle Jazz, Tailwhip, You Deserve This, and Norton Commander. Their Forever Live Sessions is a good compilation, and my favorite one is I Hope to Be Around (Live). Their Untourable Album is probably my favorite album, where you have good ones like Trees Among Shrubs, Sugar, Organon (Literally one of my favorite songs, ever!) Beluga, and Oh Dove.

This concert was phenomenal, I can’t stop talking about it. I highly recommend Men I Trust, they are so awesome and great people and musicians!! This article seems more of a confession of love to the band, which I am totally ok with. I love, love, LOVE this band and I can’t wait to see more of their work and more concerts in the future!

(We are literally making eye contact here you can't tell me otherwise)

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