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Maiah Manser- Yards (Single)

Album: Yards (Single)

Artist: Maiah Manser

Genre: #Pop

Label: Freakout Records

Non-Airable Tracks: None


I am calling it: Maiah Manser is an up and coming pop queen. The Seattle native’s new single, “Yards”, really showcases her inventive style of pop music which mixes moody synths and hard hitting trap beats. The trap beat really provides an edge to this song that only emphasizes the power of the vocals. Manser’s voice really shines through in the track, moving from powerful low notes to a floating and truly beautiful head voice. The layered harmonies in the chorus also add another dynamic to the track which adds to the fullness of the sound.

As a huge fan of pop and hip hop, this song, honestly, really delivers. It makes me want to dance in my room alone while pretending to be heartbroken. If you love a good pop anthem by a powerful women, I highly recommend that you check out this track.

Also, while researching this track, I found that she needs vocal surgery! Here’s the link to her GoFundMe in case you wanted to support this queen and allowing for the creation of more pop bangers!

Sounds Like: Lykke Li (especially off of “So Sad, So Sexy”), Morgan Saint, Singrid

Reviewer’s Name: Ally Lansdowne

Date of Review: 11/15/18

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