Life in Your Glass World - Citizen

Updated: Apr 3

Album: Life in Your Glass World Artist: Citizen Genre: Alternative #alternative Sub-Genres: Indie rock, emo #indierock #emo Label: Run For Cover Non-Airable Tracks: Pedestal ​ Description:

Citizen is a band that has not been afraid to explore multiple genres, ranging from emo, post-hardcore, and indie. Following up their 2017 release, 'As You Please', 'Life in your Glass World' offers a dynamic new era for the band.

Tracks like 'Death Dance Approximately', 'I Want to Kill You', and 'Pedestal' heavily rely on the drums and catchy guitar riffs, producing danceable, memorable, and upbeat songs despite the gloomy and spiteful lyrics that accompany them.

'Black and Blue' is a song that stuck out to me on the first listen not only because of the uplifting intro guitar riff and the heavy bass, but because of the angry and bitter lyrics like 'When the sun escapes your grasp, sets fire to everything, when my hands are around your neck, you should blame yourself for it.'

On the other hand, tracks like 'Glass World', 'Winter Buds', and 'Edge of the World' presents a softer, familiar sound that Citizen listeners are used to with newer elements incorporated. The lyrics are sad and serious and talk about things, like letting go and Mat Kerekes' personal struggles.

Overall, 'Life in Your Glass World' is a fresh new take to Citizen filled with songs you can dance to, sleep to, cry to, and so much more. While it is more indie-pop influenced than their previous albums, Citizen always manages to integrate some of their older elements into their new music. Don't sleep on 'Life in Your Glass World!'

Sounds Like:

  1. Bloc Party

  2. The Strokes

  3. Turnover

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Blue Sunday

  2. Thin Air

  3. Edge of the World

Reviewer’s Name: Ishaan Sud Date of Review: April 2nd, 2021


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