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★let's talk about chloe moriondo★

Opener: Dreamer Isioma

Main Set: Chloe Moriondo

Genre(s): R&B / Soul , Alternative / Indie

Venue: Crescent Ballroom

Date: 10/30/22

Reviewer: Oli Kogul

Date of Review: 11/01/22

I've been wanting to see Chloe in concert for years now and let me tell you she did nOT disappoint. I first discovered her in 2016 when she was just 14 years old doing covers on YouTube with her then characteristic big circular glasses and dark curly pixie cut. Her demeanor was sweet and gentle, perfect to fall asleep to or just chill to in your room on a rainy day. I was on a photography trip when her first independent project, Rabbit Hearted, was released in 2018; it's warm ukulele mixed with Chloe's soft vocals consistently lulled me to sleep on long bus rides, and it was so exciting to see her create her own music after having been a fan of her covers for so long. Her confidence quickly grew as an artist, and it was clear that Chloe wanted to break away from the soft bedroom beats of Rabbit Hearted and explore something new. This evolution was reflected not only in her new blue mullet, piercings, and bleached eyebrows, but also in her music. In 2021, she released her second album, Blood Bunny, a fun pop-punk album where Chloe really started to come out of her shell and dip her toe into a faster and louder sound. It was certainly a wild change from the bedroom pop of her first project, and proved her versatility as an artist who wanted to explore a variety of genres.

Her latest 2022 album, SUCKERPUNCH, delves further into the fast-paced hyper-pop Y2K vibes that she had hinted at in Blood Bunny. Chloe made it very clear how proud she is of this record, and her passion is apparent not only in the music but in her excitement while performing. I attended her Phoenix performance the day before Halloween in the intimate Crescent Ballroom, and it was everything I had hoped it would be. Chloe was so kind to the audience, interacting with us between songs and thanking us profusely for supporting her. It was clear that she truly loved being able to share her work with audiences and get to interact with her fans. While the majority of songs she performed were from SUCKERPUNCH (including hits such as "Cdbaby<3", "Plastic Purse", "Hell Hounds", and "Hotel for Clowns"), she also included a few from Blood Bunny and even snuck in a Lady Gaga cover in to spice things up. She made sure that everyone was staying hydrated and even went so far as to have everyone collectively take some deep breaths after a particularly high energy song. Her gentle and down-to-earth energy contrasted with the confident and electric performances of her new record, proving that while she may be exploring different genres and styles, she's still the same sweet and humble high school kid making covers in her bedroom <3

Check out her new music video for "Plastic Purse" from SUCKERPUNCH !!

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