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Lane 8 Revives Us All With New Album Reviver

Album: Reviver

Artist: Lane 8

Genre: #edm #house

Sub-Genres: progressive house, deep house

Label: This Never Happened

Non-Airable Tracks:


Reviver is Daniel Goldstein’s, better known as Lane 8, fourth studio album release under his own label “This Never Happened”. The release comes 2 years after his previous album Brightest Lights with the goal of “reinvention”. The album is a dancier, ‘four-to-the-floor’ departure from previous projects and serves many different tastes of Daniel’s producing prowess.

The album opens with “Survive”, a track he used to open his annual winter mixtape with and sets a great mood for what is to come. “Survive” has meaningful lyrics overlaid with a building beat that leaves you ready to move by the end of the song. The track transitions to “Reviver”, the title track of the album which continues the dancing feelings with an intense beat drop that makes you want to jump around. “Illuminate”, the sixth track, is another great dance song that keeps the album moving at a good pace.

The album has nice lyrical pieces that build to fantastic drops interspersed that make the work feel like a complete story, namely “All I want” with vocals from Arctic Lake, “Together” with Solomon Gray, and “Red Lights” made with Emmit Fenn.

“Trampoline Counting Stars”, “Closer”, and “Watermelon Wormhole” are great, more trance-like songs that give time for reflection and for listeners to catch their breath.

“Nuclear Lethargy”, the eighth track of the album, is a dark and futuristic song and deserves its own shout-out for making you feel like you’re zooming around on a light cycle in Tron.

The closing track “I’ll Wait” ends the album on a somewhat contemplative, but upbeat note that reminds us that we too, have to wait for Lane 8’s next project. And we’ll be waiting eagerly.

Sounds Like:

  1. Ben Böhmer

  2. Tinlicker

  3. Luttrell

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​Survive

  2. Watermelon Wormhole

  3. Nuclear Lethargy

Reviewer’s Name: Kelsey Graves

Date of Review: January 28, 2022

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