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Landscape – Future Generations

Album: Landscape

Artist: Future Generations

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #Alt/#Indie

Label: Frenchkiss Records

Non-Airable Tracks: NONE


Future Generations’ album begins with the song, “Stranger” which gave me the vibe of a person moving into a completely new town. “Landscape” is a fun, chill song I would listen to on a road trip. I love the lyrics in “Caught Me By Surprise,” it is one of the slower songs of the album although the lyrics make the song even more emotional. “Suddenly” and “Take Me There” is more techno and upbeat whereas “Out Loud” sounds like a slowed down sequel of “All The Same.” “I Never Knew I Was Lonely” has more definite vocals compared to the other songs and “Tear You Down” sounds like a broken TV trying to repair itself (definitely from the intro). “Incomplete” is the finale song of the album and I felt like as the songs progressed it got sadder and sadder. I recommend listening to the lyrics of each song, I would listen to this album as background music, very calming!

Sounds Like: Plastic Picnic, Frills

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 5: “All The Same” – an emotionally wrapped song with an upbeat tune

  2. Track 8: “Hurry Home” – slow but chill song! would listen to with a warm cup of tea

  3. Track 9: “I Never Knew I Was Lonely” – vocals!!

Reviewer’s Name: Joann Kohng

Date of Review: 10/23/18

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