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"KEEP IT UP"Rex Orange County!


Artist: Rex Orange County

Genre: #IndiePop

Sub-Genres: #BedroomPop

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

"Keep it up and go on, You're only holding out for what you want, You no longer owe the strangers, it's enough, it's enough"

Alexander James O'Connor, or better known as Rex Orange County is known for his bedroom pop anthems lined with influences of jazz, hip hop and some obvious Elton John influence.

Having not released a work of music since 2019's "Pony" (which was a massive success), Orange County has finally released a single off of his newly announced and anticipated album.

"WHO CARES?" releases March 11th with "KEEP IT UP" being its first single. As well as a North America, UK and Ireland Tour this summer.

The song appears to answer the depression and doubt Orange County discusses in his previous works of music. Previous albums sounded much more melancholy and pessimistic. This single being much more upbeat and lyrically incredibly positive. Orange County cheers himself on in the song and addresses the anxiety he has carried before, telling himself he can succeed and not worry about making others proud. This song strays from his rather codependent and reliant behavior as stated in previous work and establishes a note of self worth and independence.

The anthem opens and closes with a beautiful set of strings, which has been a consistent factor of Orange County's music, as seen in "Pluto Projector" and "Apricot Princess". It is much more "bedroom pop" and gives notes of his first album, "Bcos U Will Never B Free".

I think it will be incredibly interesting to see what Orange County does with this new era. Having gone through a breakup since the release of his last album, I anticipate the album to sound like an artist's vent. What is interesting although is that the single released is very vague and upbeat for a release. Which, good for Orange County! Breakups are hard and maybe it was a realization .

Regardless, I am excited about the new album and I cannot wait to dissect!

Sounds Like:

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Reviewer’s Name: Zoe Montano

Date of Review: January 31, 2022

Photo credit: KEEP IT UP Single cover

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