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JEFF The Brotherhood – Magick Songs CD Review

Artist: JEFF The Brotherhood

Album: Magick Songs

Label: dine alone records

Name: Caroline Eimer

Review: Right off the bat this album has a groove to it, very chill yet captivating melodies fill the songs. The water flowing effect in “Focus on the Magick” is well done, and the echo effect on voices is nice. It is not too high of a pitch on the vocals which is good and makes it relaxing to listen to. The guitar riffs are fun with the bending sounds, and allow for one to just escape into the music. “Camel Swallowed Whole” is very peaceful and there is nice use of what I believe is a recorder at the end. I am also a fan of the song titles and think they are very interesting and would make a listener curious to see why they may be titled that. “Singing Garden” evolves into something I would imagine hearing at a spa or doing some sort of meditation/yoga. I think the title of the album suits the overall vibe well. “Celebration” is very groovy, I think the grooviest so far on the album. Good, chill, background music. “Locator” reminds me of a horror/sci-fi movie soundtrack.

Sounds Like: The Stone Roses (vocals/vibe), Tame Impala, The Jesus and Mary Chain (but a less hard rock sound), Slowdive (but even more chilled out)

Recommended Tracks: “Focus on the Magick”, “Singing Garden”


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