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It's True, There is no Neil Frances - Album Review

Album: There is no Neil Frances


Sub-Genres: #ElectronicIndie

Label: Nettwerk

Non-Airable Tracks: 'on a dark night,' , 'we're falling up'


NEIL FRANCES wasn't lying, there really is no Neil Frances. NEIL FRANCES is actually composed of a pair of friends based in LA, not a person named Neil Frances. There is no Neil Frances is the duet's first studio album after the successful releases of singles and EPs starting in 2016. The duo spent many hours in the studio battling “writer's block” and curating this project to tell the stories they've felt had to wait for an album. There is no Neil Frances gives the feel of a very purposeful and thought out sound. Even the song titles all go together to read like an ethereal poem:

"Little heartbeat,"

"on a dark night,"

"I just want you to"

"be free."

"I can feel the pressure"

"thump thumping from a distance (Karen"s Interlude)."

"It's like a dream"

"where I become someone"


"in the starlight,"

"finding rhythm"

"everyday with you,"

"we're falling up"

“like electric blue angels."

The pair has said they like the idea of their music being used to “soundtrack people’s weekends”. This idea carries through their debut album well, there are more upbeat, groovy tracks that could easily be put on during a chill party, such as "where I become someone", and other, more instrumental tracks that can be played while relaxing. Some of the songs in the beginning of the album I may play while studying, such as "on a dark night" and "I just want you to"; unfortunately, my studying music is stuff I only want to half pay attention to. The lyrics are written well and hooks occur at the appropriate times in each song, but some of the instrumentals from song to song can be a bit predictable.

I really started to get into the album after "thump thumping from a distance (Karen's Interlude)". “dancing” is a nice transition into sounds that are easier to groove to and the transition between "in the starlight," and "finding rhythm" is fantastic. The rest of the album finished on a strong note and I found myself skipping around the album upon replays to see if I just wasn’t prepared for the beginning tracks. But NEIL FRANCES was deliberate with this album and it listens (and reads) best when gone through in order.

The album is reminiscent of The Slow Rush by Tame Impala, but with a more nu-disco, groovy vibe. Overall, some tracks might not make it onto my regular playlists, but others will be played often. I look forward to what else NEIL FRACNES produces and how else they’ll soundtrack my life.

Sounds Like:

  1. Miami Horror

  2. Tame Impala

  3. Poolside

Recommended Tracks:

  1. ​dancing

  2. in the starlight,

  3. Little heartbeat,

Reviewer’s Name: Kelsey Graves

Date of Review: February 1, 2022

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