Interview with Meggie Keung of Groundworks

Meggie Keung, Groundworks college intern, in front of a mural at Groundworks by @john.rowse on Instagram

On November 13th, Tucson's new youth-driven arts space, Groundworks, was finally able to hold its grand opening event after months of postponement due to Covid-19. I was lucky enough to attend the event and catch amazing sets from AJJ, Th'eyus, and other great musicians. Before the show, I was able to sit down with Meggie Keung, Groundworks' intern from the University of Arizona, and talk with her about Groundworks' mission and the incredible work that went into making this event possible. Read the interview below:

Ruby: Hey everybody, this is Ruby Fulford from KAMP student radio! Today I am interviewing Meggie Keung from the Groundworks Tucson organization at the Groundworks Grand Opening on November 13th.

Meggie: Hello everyone!

Ruby: Can you start by telling us a bit about Groundworks as an organization, what you guys do, what your goals are, et cetera?

Meggie: Yeah! So Groundworks is a youth driven arts organization, and the main focus is to promote the young artists and musicians within Tucson. We do events like this, we want to do educational programs, we want to allow for arts showcases and concerts to all youth. We do all ages events, but our main focus is just youth.

Ruby: Cool! So what is your role in Groundworks as a college intern?

Meggie: I actually started before I became a college intern as part of their arts team and I loved it. We create a bunch of different events, a bunch of differen