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I am in LOVE with this new Loving Album! Review for Loving’s new Album “Any Light”!

Loving is a band that I recently discovered, and I have been obsessed with their music and overall style. Google describes their genre as “post-rock-meets-indie pop”, But to me they have soft-spoken vocals with strong acoustics that form this very much floating-on-a-cloud-indie-folk-pop. Their new album is no different, as it focuses on the inspiration poems, experiences, voice memos, and books that are comprised into songs, telling stories of adventures and emotions that carry with them.

They had released the singles “Medicine”, “No Mast” and “Blue”, all of which blend so well together. Medicine is my favorite of the three, and it talks about their friend’s psychedelic adventures, someone looking for a ‘cure’. Guitars and strings are very prominent in this piece. It reminds me of summer and exploration.

Other prominent songs in this album that stuck to me are On My Way to You and To Turn. On My Way to You is much slower and feels like time has slowed while I listen to this. It’s the perfect song for February, as it is a reminder about falling in love and romance.

To Turn is prominent with guitars and feels softer spoken than the others. It reminds me of palm trees swaying in the wind, calm and majestic. This song made me tear up a little, it sounds so smooth and like a lullaby.

If you like artists like Mac Demarco, Vansire, or Banes World, then give them a listen! They are very soft-spoken and indie with strong acoustics, and this album is no different!


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Favorite Tracks: Medicine, To Turn, On My Way to You

Give a listen if you like: Mac DeMarco, Vansire, Banes World, any softspoken-male-indie-band

Phoenix Tour Date:

They are coming to Phoenix very soon! They will be playing at the Valley Bar on March 5th!



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