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HUNNY Concert Review

HUNNY stopped in Tucson for a show at Club Congress on their 2019 USA Tour ready to put on a great show. They came on stage setting the perfect tone with their song “Rebel Red” from their most recent EP, Windows II. The crowd was immediately into it, thrashing back and forth. Next up the played their song, “Shy” and “La Belle Femme”. These songs both have a great energy and kept everyone dancing! They played a few new songs that night, including “Saturday” and “Supafreak”, according to the setlist. Something was up with Kevin Grimmett’s bass guitar, so to keep the crowd entertained while he fixed it, guitarist Jake Goldstein started playing “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus. The whole audience joined in singing and the drummer dropped a beat. Everyone was smiling and singing along, but was very happy once J=Kevin’s bass was working again.Up next were two of my favorite songs, “July” and “Colder Parts”. My friends and I recently realized that the macarena fits perfectly with the chorus of “Colder Parts”, so we convinced everyone else in the front row to do it with us! The drummer, Joey Anderson, got a huge smile on his face, which made my day. Lead singer Jason Yarger is amazing with crowd interaction, and bent down to sing the bridge with the front row. The crowd loved the new song “KG3”, and old songs “Natalie”,“Kicking Cans”, and “Hallways”. Up next is emo “Parking Lot”. Yarger starts the song with just his guitar, and sings the song very slowly. As the crowd screams the words back to him, the rest of the band joins in and the tempo speeds up during the chorus, bringing the song to a whole new life in the live performance. Back to a slower tempo during the verses, this song is like a wild rollercoaster from start to finish. Next up is what is arguably the band’s biggest hit, “Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)”. From the front to the back of the 326 capacity room of Club Congress, everyone is singing back the words of this song. The band usually closes their set out with “Televised”, and tonight was no exception. Everyone was immediately dancing and grooving along. Yarger has a habit of drawing out the end of the song, and he even hung from the speaker and partially crowd surfed!

Overall, HUNNY put on an amazing show that had the whole crowd dancing the entire time, and I would highly recommend going to see them if you get a chance. Opening act Pllush and co-headliner Hockey Dad also put on some great performances, and they’ve sold out a bunch of shows on this tour, and it’s very clear why. They are incredibly nice guys, and I got the chance to talk to them before their set. Listen here on Apple Podcasts: or on Spotify:

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