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High on Fire – Electric Messiah

Album: High On Fire

Artist: Electric Messiah

Genre: #Metal

Sub-Genres: Trash Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal

Label: eOne Records

Non-Airable Tracks: 9


Electric Messiah consistently puts out really good music and I’m never disappointed. This new album High on Fire is truly a decent mixture of thrash metal with classic American heavy metal. It has the distant, echoey vocals you would hear with doom or black metal but the guitars are bass are pure thrash metal.

Des Kensel on drums does an excellent job because you can hear his muddled double bass, you can tell he took all the bottoms out of his drums and muted everything he possibly could to get that chunky, muddled sound you want for really powerful metal drumming.

The only real complaint with this album is that all the tracks are rather long, the shortest being the intro song clocking in right at 4 minutes. But with that being said, it’s worth the 5 minutes to play some of these songs. High on Fire turned out to be a really awesome album that I’m putting on my personal iPod.

Although it is not FCC Clean, Track 9 “Drowning Dog” is an amazing end to this album and I suggest every metal head go home and listen to this album and appreciate what has been put together here.

Rating: 8.5/10

Sounds Like: Megadeath mixed with Black Sabbath

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Track 6: God Of The Godless (5:20) – a damn good rage song, super heavy

  2. Track 8: The Witch and the Christ (6:33) – super awesome, it goes even heavier than track 6

Reviewer’s Name: Craig Diamond

Date of Review: 11/3/18

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