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“Harmony Hall”/”2021” – Vampire Weekend (Single)

Single: “Harmony Hall”/”2021”

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Genre: #BaroquePop

Sub-Genres: #GratefulDead-Core, #ArtPop

Label: Columbia

Non-Airable Tracks: None


“Harmony Hall”/”2021” is one of three promised double A-side singles to be released by indie darlings Vampire Weekend on the eve of the release of their fourth LP, Father of the Bride. Father of the Bride is Vampire Weekend’s first double album, exciting news for fans of the band, and even better since this single is great. “Harmony Hall” is a fantastic pop song led by some very Jerry Garcia-esque guitars and Ezra Koenig’s trademark, depressed, NYC liberal lyrics. It’s fun, very relaxing music that doesn’t so much hype me up for the new album but gives me energy to live until FOTB is released. “2021” is a much shorter ambient track built on a sample of Japanese city pop artist Haruomi Hosono’s track “Talking”. It’s pretty good but fairly gimmicky with my only thing I really enjoy on it being Koenig’s lilting vocals. Still, this single is an exciting premonition of material yet to release!

Sounds Like: Grateful Dead, Vampire Weekend

Recommended Tracks: 

  1. Harmony Hall

  2. 2021

Reviewer’s Name: Bennett Tolar

Date of Review: 2/6/19

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