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GOKU- CD Review

Artist: Jaden Smith

Genre: #HipHop

Sub-Genres: #Trap

Label: Roc Nation Records 


Over the past four years, twenty-year-old Jaden Smith has been drifting further and further away from the acting spotlight and more into the rap scene. Coming off the success of his 2017 debut album Syreit only makes sense that he is hungry to create new music.

Jaden Smith’s latest single ‘GOKU’ falls into the experimental rap genre and mixes elements of trap and EDM. The beat is heavy and is filled with ground shaking bass. The noisy instrumentals are a little repetitive and become stale rather quickly. Lyrically this song lacks pretty much any depth, but I don’t think Jaden was searching for deep symbolism in this song.

Jaden is still very new to the rap scene and this shows heavily in ‘Goku.’ I am never opposed to rappers who vary their style often, but I feel as if Jaden needs to find an audience before experimenting into other genres. Overall I think that ‘Goku’ is a decent EDM trap song that does bring the hype. I can see this getting the crowd going at a festival or a pregame in your buddies garage that is packed body to body and reeks of hard liquor. Jaden Smith is continuously evolving as a rapper, and I think he is slowly, but surely finding his footing. This song might not be my cup of tea, but I think this track is worthy of a spot on your party playlist. I give this track a solid 6/10

Sounds Like: Oliver Tree, BROCKHAMPTON

Reviewer’s Name: Mike Chase

Date of Review: 11/2/2018

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