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Ginny and Georgia Review

Personal Rating: 8/10

Genre: Netflix

Streaming Service: YouTube, Amazon Prime

Release Date: Feb. 24, 2021

This show is about a single mother with two kids who seems to have been moving around constantly due to the many relationships the mother has had. Right off the bat you can tell Georgia cares very much for her children, she would do anything for them, literally anything as you’ll see throughout the show. But like all of us, she is also flawed, she has committed many crimes but she does them all out of love. Does that justify them?

If you can stand teenage drama then you’ll be able to watch this show. Ginny is afraid to be who she is, she tries very hard to fit in with the popular girls and each one has their own struggles. There is a love triangle between Ginny, Marcus, and Hunter but social media will tell you who the favorite is. There are cute friendship moments, mother and daughter classic arguments, and a story of rising up from rags to riches.

As we learn more of Georgia’s past you tend to feel bad and understand more or less why she makes the decisions she does. She is a smart woman whose past is starting to catch up with her. Her kids find out she has been lying about her youngest son, Austin’s, father so the two siblings pack up on the motorcycle that once belonged to Ginny’s dad (they have different dads) and head on a roadtrip in search of him.

I want to see what happens if they find him, what Georgia will do, will she finally be honest with Paul? What will Marcus do when he finds out Ginny left?

Reviewer Name: Jacqueline Larson

Date of Review: Dec. 17, 2021


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