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Get Well (Single) – Donna Missal

Album: Get Well (Single)

Artist: Donna Missal

Genre: #Alternative

Sub-Genres: #Indie

Label: UMG Recordings

Non-Airable Tracks: None


“Get Well” has a powerful chorus about the struggles between people in love. Donna Missal sings about how she knows things aren’t working out but fantasizes about what could be. She wants both her and her lover to get better, even if it hurts. This single has a classic alternative/indie sound with soft female vocals. Piano chords and the slow beat keep the track moving along slowly. This matches the reluctance found in the lyrics. Overall, this song was pretty good, but it wasn’t very different from most alternative/indie tracks out there. The beat is pretty basic, but the lyrics added some needed depth to the song.

Sounds Like: King Princess

Recommended Tracks: Get Well

Reviewer’s Name: Nicole Kim

Date of Review: 3/1/19

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